Who Should You Vote For? Depends…

Still unsure who to vote for? Don’t worry. I’ve put together this handy little voting guide to help you determine which candidate is the best match for you.

Let’s begin with a question: What kind of person are you?

After all, that’s what this is really all about in the end. It’s about you: your values, your hopes, your preferences for the future, what kind of country you want to leave your children and grandchildren, etc. Your character….

So, for example:

If you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s a good idea for America to save Osama bin-Laden’s life, which Vice President Joe Biden recommended at the time, while continuing to kill, maim, and traumatize American lives in the ill-conceived, ill-prosecuted wars triggered by bin-Laden’s 9/11 attacks;

Or someone who thinks it’s a good idea for America to blow $6 trillion dollars on those ill-conceived wars (helping push America into higher per capita debt levels than Congo, Mozambique, Angola, and other Third World toilets) instead of using the money to rebuild America’s deteriorating infrastructure;

Or a person who thinks it’s a good idea for America to ignore hours of pleas for help from its own ambassador trapped in an American embassy under attack; stand by indifferently as attackers kill that ambassador and destroy that embassy; encourage the assassination of that nation’s leader, even though he wants to become an ally; help plunge that nation into civil war; and by extension, help that nation begin degenerating into an Islamist terrorist state with open slave markets;

Or the kind of person who thinks it’s a good idea for America to:

Lavish billions on an unrepentant, anti-American, Islamist, theocratic terrorist state as Biden and Obama did with Iran; 

Continue to destroy its crucial manufacturing sector through reckless trade deals pushed by corporate behemoths looking for bigger profits;

Grow even more economically dependent on ruthless, hostile, COVID-19-creating, communist China, the Worst Country on Earth;

Break itself apart as politicians continue to cynically spread racially-inflammatory lies just for political gain;

Surrender its newly-won energy independence, and return to reliance on Arab oil;

Financially reward people for breaking American immigration laws;

Foster a control freak, self-serving, Deathstar-like empire run by Big Tech, legacy media, Wall Street, academia, and leftist politicians in Congress, to effectively destroy the First Amendment’s protection of free speech, and any ability to protest leftist totalitarian hegemony;

Have a president who secretly sought to establish a “plausibly deniable” relationship with Chinese communist party proxies, in order to make himself millions;

And about a hundred other terrible things…

…you’re in luck. There’s a perfect candidate for you.

Oh wait—I forgot. There’s even more good news for you. You get a matching Veep!

If you’re the kind of person who supports prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence so they can convict a possibly innocent man;

If you’re the kind of person who supports prosecutors laughing about incarcerating people for deeds they themselves are doing in private;

If you’re the kind of person who supports prosecutors defying court orders to keep inmates in prison whose sentences have ended, only to use them as cheap state labor;

If you’re the kind of person who believes professional women in general are helped out by office floozies who sleep their way into promotions and plum positions;

Then the 2020 presidential election is an absolute dream for you.  In your world, the Joseph Biden-Kamala Harris pairing—who indeed are on record as supporting every awful, stupid, evil thing I just mentioned—make up a dynamic duo way beyond Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, Lennon and McCartney, or maybe even God the Father and his son, Jesus Christ. This is huge for you.  You are on the side of American’s decadent elites. 

But what about the other guy? The short answer is: He’s rude and orange, and sometimes he exaggerates. He tweets. 

On the other hand, he down the line supports pretty much the opposite of everything on the Biden-Harris rap sheet. 

Consider just for starters, for example, his prison reform initiatives, his refusal to start any new stupid wars, his renegotiation of trade deals on behalf of America’s working classes, or his role in forming stunning new peace deals in the Middle East.

Compile a list of all the worst things the rude orange guy has allegedly done; suppose for the sake of argument they’re all true; and even then, his record would not come remotely close in horror to what we know for certain that Biden and Harris have supported.

That even includes the blatant lie that the rude orange guy—the guy who has surrounded himself with Jewish advisors; boosted the black, Hispanic, and Asian employment levels to record highs; repeatedly denounced racism and has the record to prove it; and freed hundreds of disproportionately black inmates through his prison reforms—once called Klansmen “good people.” Because he’s a racist.  Which he absolutely didn’t and isn’t. Then there’s the fiction that he conspired with Putin to “steal the election”, which he also didn’t do.

So again, we are back to what sort of person you are. If you prefer falsehoods to facts, or national decline to national success,  if you can read everything I just wrote, but somehow cannot psychologically grasp the meaning—then sure, the Biden-Harris ticket is for you.

But my question then is: How about you stop being that kind of person? Seriously.


And if you’re willing to stop being that kind of person, and willing to become someone decent, your first step can be this: Reject Biden-Harris, and all the grotesqueries they represent.

The second step is:

Go out and vote for the rude orange guy, even if, right now, you have to hold your nose to do it.

He is no Miss Manners, it’s true. But flaws and all, Trump is the only decent choice. Whatever his imperfections, he offers an impressive list of accomplishments in his first term, over the other guy, who has none in 47 years in Washington. Is Trump rude? Biden also happens to be rude, and worse, and his half-century record in politics entails a nauseating travesty of lethal incompetence, corruption, brazen mendacity, self dealing, and political failure. Even Obama, who spent eight years with him in the White House, couldn’t trust him to not screw stuff up. Why should anyone else?

And so, I end by asking again:

What kind of person are you?

If you’re a decent person, the hard truth is: There’s only one choice.

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