What the Killing of Jay Danielson Tells us About the War We’re In

Two days ago, Aaron “Jay” Danielson, evidently a supporter of the Trump-friendly “Patriot Prayer” movement, was shot and killed by 48 year-old Antifa member Michael Reinoehl, who described himself as a “professional snowboarder.”  Video and other evidence indicates that Reinoehl was the shooter. Indeed, Reinoehl had been arrested by Portland police on firearms charges shortly before the shooting but was immediately released.

Danielson was unarmed and no evidence exists that he threatened Reinoehl, nor were any shots fired at Reinoehl by others. Yet, although he has been identified as “a person of interest” by Portland police, Reinoehl has not been arrested and taken into custody.

Very likely, this is because Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has vowed to “defund” his city’s police department and is an open supporter of Antifa and BLM. He had previously ordered Portland’s police department to “stand down” in the face of Antifa/BLM rioters and looters and he has maintained this sympathetic posture towards them despite their complete lack of respect for him in public.

Wheeler is almost certainly not the stage director commanding this public performance. Given his willingness to suffer extraordinary humiliation at the hands of Antifa/BLM, we must consider him simply a stooge, even if an ideologically sympathetic one.

Speculation: Danielson may simply have been a random target of opportunity for Antifa/BLM and it is just conceivable that Reinoehl acted on impulse. On the other hand, he may have intended to “even the score” with opponents of Antifa/BLM. It is possible that he was encouraged—or ordered–to do so by other Antifa members.

The shooting in Portland followed the killing of two Antifa members in Kenosha, Wisconsin four days prior, by rifle-carrying, seventeen year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who has no known organizational affiliation and no criminal record.

While both situations involved gunfire and fatalities, they were otherwise completely different.

Rittenhouse was walking alone among several score or, perhaps, several hundred Anti/BLM militants when he was attacked by three of them including a convicted child-molester, a convicted rapist, and a third man with a weapons violation while under the influence.

Although armed with a rifle, Rittenhouse first attempted to flee from his attackers but was then pursued by them. Rittenhouse was hit from behind and one of his attackers attempted to take his rifle.

After he tripped and fell to the ground, one of his attackers kicked him in the head, another hit him in the head with a skateboard, and a third brandished a pistol three feet from his head. Audio recordings indicate that several gunshots were fired before Rittenhouse fired any shots but they may have come from Antifa members other than the three immediately surrounding Rittenhouse.

It was only after that, that Rittenhouse began shooting, killing two of his attackers and shooting the third through the arm, thereby preventing that pistol wielding Antifa man from shooting Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse’s surviving attacker later said he regretted not having killed Rittenhouse.

Any fair understanding of the facts would lead one to conclude that Rittenhouse had simply acted in self-defense. Yet, he has been charged with murder in the first-degree and four misdemeanors.

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin is, like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, a left-wing ideologue and highly sympathetic to Antifa/BLM. He refused to allow his state’s National Guard to assist Kenosha police in defending their town from rioters and looters.

This series of events shows that, while the Anti/BLM combatants can’t claim much street-fighting skill, even when vastly outnumbering their opponents, when battles occur in “Blue America” they have an enormous logistical and legal advantage over opponents. 

They have great numbers, a support structure that enables them to occupy territory against the will of the local inhabitants for extended periods of time, and the active collaboration of many mayors and state governors.

At this stage, we still do not have a detailed picture of the Left Army’s force structure and logistical resources. So, we should try to get answers to the following questions as soon as possible:

1. Who has been feeding the Antifa combatants in Portland and Kenosha? After weeks of occupation, they would, by now, have already consumed the food they looted from local stores. They must have been resupplied by some organization with food from outside, perhaps, well outside, the perimeter of the territory they occupy now.

2. Is anyone paying these Antifa members? Who? While some of those members who have been arrested are schoolteachers, most Antifa members seem to have no visible means of support at all. In Washington D.C. on the last night of the GOP Convention, many of the violent street thugs were staying at the same four star hotels as the Trump guests they harassed. That isn’t cheap.

3. Who owns the motor vehicles that brought Antifa thugs to Portland and Kenosha? This is tricky because reports indicate that license plates are often blacked out. If owned by individual members, what sources of income would they have had to allow them to buy cars and trucks? 

The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, announced this week that DoJ and DHS will be tracing rioters, thugs and those committing crimes. Now would be a fine time for that to start. 

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