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Why another blog?

Because if you see the world the way we see the world, this is a good place to hang out.

For the last four years we have watched in dismay as a President who was elected to solve some critical problems, has been hobbled and bound by the Democratic party, preventing him from accomplishing the policy aims for which America voted, and by America’s elite media which no longer merely takes sides, but now entirely rejects presenting information that might undermine the leftist narrative on major events.

Donald J. Trump’s election to the presidency, in 2016, against all odds, and despite his manifest personal flaws, was ‘an inflection point.’ It marked a rejection of Post War globalism that has exported jobs, imported millions of hard to assimilate immigrants, and attempted to destroy what is unique about America, and American culture, in favor of bland conformity to some vague, deracinated international ethos. We love our country for what it is: the first home of individual liberty, and the last, best hope of mankind on earth…for people who wish to live in freedom and build their own lives. Our heritage, with its deep roots in Judeo Christian religion, and the Western intellectual tradition, is a proud one.

We reject the currently fashionable view that America is evil, ‘structurally racist,’ or oppressive. Of course, it is not perfect either, as hardly needs to be said. We are dismayed that the domestic left, which is now in charge of the Democratic party, rejects that heritage in favor of Marxism and the worst of multiculturalism and identity politics. It is true that our nation is now riven down the middle on cultural matters. It seems essential to us to rebuild the sustaining parts of our culture for the future.

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected to stop those who would enrich a small class of Americans by sending the jobs of working Americans overseas, sometimes to hostile countries, where poorer people would do them for a pittance, while our men and women lived on forms of welfare in dying towns and cities. From hollowed out towns across the middle of the country, and from middle class enclaves outside of cities, where income had not risen in 40 years, and where our basic values were under siege by an Administration steering America towards socialism, patriots in 2016 signaled their readiness for leadership that would put our economic interests first.

The vote for Trump marked a rejection of endless wars. We are not opposed to war when necessary. We are opposed to fighting with no intention of winning — the norm since Korea. We oppose wasting our children’s blood and our nation’s treasure on — nothing. We prefer a foreign policy that parries nations that present a real threat, like China, and which works to solve problems like those derived from the Arab rejection of Israel, with all the war and conflict that has entailed.

2016 marked a clear rejection of open borders at home, and overwhelming illegal immigration, on top of high legal immigration – which undermines high wage jobs for Americans. Excessive immigration has been used in recent decades to destroy the cultural norms that built this country. When you drop tens of thousands of unassimilated refugees from violent Muslim nations into the towns and cities of Tennessee, or North Carolina, or Minnesota, or Maine, it is no surprise that they maintain practices antithetical to the American way of life. The genital mutilation of girls born on our soil, and the allegiance to fundamentalist Islamic groups, including ISIS, are intolerable. Yet our politicians choose to subsidize them with welfare and low cost housing. Donald Trump brought common sense back to that debate. We await retraction of birthright citizenship and the right to family reunification.

The Democratic party responded to all this by spending three years tying the President in knots with entirely false allegations of “collusion” with Russia; a fake impeachment trial; and assorted treasonous actions intended to overthrow a duly elected president. Their base of educated, privileged men and women dutifully accept the lies promulgated by every elite institution in the country – academic, media, corporate. It remains to be seen if any of those Ivy League graduates and community leaders will ever understand that they were so gullible. We’d bet against.

This was the year that would tell us whether Attorney General William Barr would bring cases against the Obama Administration officials who attempted to stage a coup d’état. It remains unclear that he will touch the principals at this late date. No republic can survive if the high crimes of political actors are not brought to justice. Without rule of law, we are just another banana republic.

Then came China’s gift to the world of Covid 19. And there went the life’s work of millions of our fellow citizens, whose businesses and lives have been destroyed by the astonishing government overreaction to a virus. By their actions, federal, state and local governments have made it clear that the rights our Founders bequeathed to us are all but gone. Constitutional governance is a much-weakened remnant of its former self.

Watching politicians (mostly Democrats) use what is by historic standards a minor epidemic to lock down citizens for five months, destroy the economy, override our freedoms, and bankrupt the treasury for decades to come, has been a wakeup call. Seeing governors of major (mostly blue) states abuse the power granted to them, and display quite personal, vindictive behavior against those who challenge them, offers real clarity on the parlous state of our politics. Allowing free association to those who protest, riot and loot, while depriving the faithful of the right to attend religious services, all in the name of safety, is telling. Emptying the prisons and placing the mentally ill and felons in the midst of family neighborhoods, as has been done in New York, is a deliberate strike at this nation’s citizens – good liberals in that particular case.

On the flip side, it is tragically clear how easy it is to get this rich, weak generation of Americans to hand over their patrimony, and shelter behind locked doors for months.

The recent activation of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other violent, Marxist arms of the Democratic Party, has brought rioting, looting, and the massive escalation of racial grievance to the front of our politics. Cities have burned and people are dead. We expect that most Americans of all races are disgusted by these actions.

In two months we will know whether Donald Trump is reelected, or the Democratic left, led by the cognitively impaired Joe Biden and his radical V.P. candidate, Kamala Harris, and the puppet masters who determine what they both say and do, will shape the next stage of American history.

We expect violence to escalate until the election, as Ms. Harris among other Democrats has promised.

If Mr. Biden wins, expect a fast-paced takeover of many domestic institutions; changes of law and policy to destroy functioning, self-governing middle-class communities; and escalation to some form of state socialism within two years. This possibility should provoke action to preclude the consolidation of power seen in various Socialist and Communist countries in living memory

If President Trump wins, the Democrats have signalled their intent to claim otherwise and fail to concede. We expect massive vote fraud, deliberate confusion and quarreling over the vote count. If he wins, expect ongoing sabotage and violence by Antifa, BLM and other organized groups, as Democratic mayors and governors continue to withhold police and fail to enforce the law.

We suspect that violence, to the point of civil war, will ensue. Not a war like the prior American Civil War, among other reasons because the cleavage is not geographic. But civil war, nonetheless. We have some thoughts about that war to come, that we are here to discuss. President Trump will need to use the powers of the state to quell this insurrection, if that is possible. It won’t be pretty. Whether and to what extent President Trump can fix matters and keep the country together, is the trillion-dollar question.

In our Republic to be a citizen is not a small thing. We are citizens who wish to talk about what must be done, while it is still the time to talk. Please join the conversation. Later we will do what comes next.

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