Trump: Existential Threat as Civic Promise

The True Trump Threat is What He Reveals About Liberalism

Both Joe Biden and President Trump agree on one thing: the Trump presidency is “an existential threat” to the American ruling class.

The difference is that Trump sees the elites as a threat to the populace, and Biden regards the populace as a threat to the elites. The distinction could not be any more vivid.

It’s clear to most of us that this one man — Donald J. Trump — is a lightning rod. He has absorbed, channeled, and brought to ground the furious discharges from the swamp’s angry storm and revealed the stomach-churning rot and corruption at the heart of our most trusted public institutions. He has galvanized vast numbers of middle American voters who have been fed up with Beltway shenanigans for decades. Moreover, he has pulled back the curtain on the Left, revealing them to be unwitting supporters of the essential, ugly truth that the classic “liberal” dream has become exactly the crazed, socialist plan we were all warned was at its core. In fact, they can no longer hide this truth from themselves. Note that the Left hasn’t taken their fight to “red” America; rather it has launched its salvos against the Progressive enclaves, (Portland, Seattle, New York) places that haven’t seen fiscal or social sanity for generations.

And this paradox—that an Ed Koch-style, pragmatic, liberal, Democrat turned Republican can be represented as a misogynistic, hard Right Nazi—provides the fuel that makes the Establishment and the Left explode with such bright intensity.

The courage of Donald Trump to step forward and shine a Klieg light onto the imbecilic, insulting, and self-destructive mentality that has “evolved” so that it now dominates our civic life is nothing less than astounding.

Consider well the depth of the leftist depredations now revealed, their roots reaching back into our earliest history as a nation. Begin with the duplicitous Alexander Hamilton, whose pie-bald mercantilism set in motion generations of conflict over the production of money and the issuing of credit by a debt-issuing national bank. We in the 21st century consider these matters ancient history—but they represent the very same type of tempting moral hazard that animate the global crime sprees of the Clintons and now the Bidens.

The modern Establishment, as we know it, was really a product of the organization distortions released during the Wilson years. Leaving aside the horrible consequences of administrative law, the sheer audacity of the War Industries Board’s work in nationalizing entire sectors of the economy by fiat resembling test runs for Italian and German fascist economies of the 1920s and 1930s—while offering the boilerplate language for the enhanced interventionist policies of the New Deal. And his “Inquiry” was the very first modern think tank that set out to devise actionable strategies that would produce political, and thus financial, advantage for those in the driver’s seat.

By Wilson’s election, the entire Progressive movement had been sold to the American people for a generation as a moral, reform-oriented impulse that produced beneficial social impact through public policy, civic life, and market conditions. In fact, as demonstrated by the New Left historian Gabriel Kolko, “…the Progressive movement was no more than a rhetorical device to conceal and legitimize the legislative operations that served consolidate cartels, fix market share for large corporate players, and fund ever greater promotion of the Progressive agenda..” In short, the American Left has wittingly or otherwise, since the 1880s, supported every piece of corrupt, crony-promoting legislation conceivable—all because it purports to benefit the average and/or underprivileged.

So when Trump calls into question, for instance, the financial realities of our continued participation in the United Nations, dimwitted liberals and neoconservatives see him as a threat to the stability of international order and peace. In reality it is entirely reasonable to pose this question to any organization that Americans support. That we would even consider this institution—whose premises deny our national sovereignty, and whose American originators were controlled by Soviet assets placed in the very highest levels of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations—as even remotely germane to life in the 21st century is improbable. You would think that moronic relativists and historicists who decry the antiquity of the Constitution might easily be persuaded to use their own  pseudo-logic on the topics of their interest. Of course, moral integrity and logical consistency of this sort can never be expected of the Left.

Trump’s thousands of megawatts of  light, exposing the feeble neural circuits of leftists, indeed constitutes an existential threat. He calls into mortal doubt the careers, and incomes, of hundreds of thousands of “educated” men and women who have swallowed generations of truisms about American policy anchored in a series of interlocking Progressive lies. Most humane benefits resulting from Progressive measures are anecdotal, accidental, and probably misconstrued. 

 Trump has revealed much of the fantasy of a progressive world view. His January 2017 inaugural address was a shot fired across the bow of every toady who is eager to shovel fuel into the roaring engine of Establishment rage. When you think about it, it is amazing that it took the establishment nearly four years to impeach a man who had declared war on them in his very first public act, in a declaration that was broadcast live to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

It is no wonder that the media, and now social media, would twist themselves into insanely complex knots of illogic to avoid having people understand and act upon his challenge. 
It is no wonder that psychiatrists, political scientists, and academic economists have shrieked at full volume and in unison—their cognitive dissonance must be intolerable.

Because the sickness and insanity was laced into the system gradually, and so long ago, it doesn’t require a conspiracy for people to reject the truth that Trump represents.  And they would not be squealing so loudly if they didn’t actually grasp deep down that he’s right about how engorged government institutions leave us with illusions, lies, fiat money, and our military doing the dirty work.   

The empirical reality that upsets them most is what Thomas Sowell called “the tragic vision.” It flies directly in the face of the shallow pieties of Progressivism, 20th century American liberalism, and every form of Leftist conceit since Rousseau: life is limited in duration, resources are scarce, and the moral lessons we learn from our religious traditions are of immeasurable help in facing the eternal gap between our dreams of perfection and our fallen existence as mortals.

Trump balances Sowell with soul—that our system, as flawed as it may be, offers the best hedge ever conceived against the fatalist response to the unavoidable truth of the tragic vision.

In presenting a vision that ennobles the individual human spirit, respects truth, and cautions against juvenile repudiation of existential realities, he is the embodiment of every threat to the Progressive delusion that can be imagined.

As such, is there a better reason to vote for him than this?

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