The Technocratic Threat to Self Government

A recent item by Zachary Yost on “technocracy” ought to be essential reading for anyone who does not already know what that word means. Yost helps people recognize a coherent ideology that has come on to the scene sotto voce, though with unmistakable impact, over the course of 2020. And if you thought the so-called New World Order was a chimera, then you had better sit up and pay attention.

Yost notes, “Technocracy serves as a useful veneer to cover the lust for power and domination that motivates most political actors. On paper, it can be understood as ‘rule by the smart,’ but in actual practice, this is merely a myth to justify one class of society maintaining power and control over everyone else. Buoyed by the magic word ‘science,’ ‘experts’ claim to possess final knowledge and make pronouncements on truth with the authority of holy writ. Those who dissent, no matter how educated or reasonable their disagreement, are bludgeoned with slurs of being a ‘science denier’ as if science were a sacred canon rather than a process of inquiry constantly evolving and changing.”

And these cocksure “scientific” Fabians have run out of patience. They are fed up with the messiness of American-style governance. Call it a “democratic process” (which it has devolved into despite the warnings of our founders), call it a Jenga-tower of competing “checks and balances,” or call it a diseased, crony-capitalist cluster—, a self-appointed elite of ideologically motivated scientists has had enough, and #OrangeMan has sent them into orbit. Our system is simply too inefficient, too stupid, and too antiquated to maximize the profits and benefits of a scientific dictatorship. (“Paging Dr. Fauci!”)

Now, thanks to the #RedReaction to irrational, anti-scientific, and inhumane “health policy,” the reality of dictatorship under the pretext of science is coming into clearer focus. We are seeing the horrific prospect of a mendacious medical elite running a soft-Communist global government, with the help of a full-spectrum digital surveillance infrastructure in place, replete with records of every purchase you’ve made, your reading habits, your browser history, and your own tracking device, a.k.a. smart phone—all of which you pay for. This is the modern version of being made to pay for the bullet that was used to kill a relative in the old Soviet Union. Here, your spirit is crushed retroactively, financially. You are to be amputated from your family, your history, and your traditions—because they can’t be quantified, and are thus anathema.

To be sure, there is neither science nor math here. There is plenty of “science,” though, and lots of “scientists.” Because nothing turns off the circuitry of your frontal lobes than the promise, the comfort, and the certainty of “science.” After all, it is settled once it is “science,” right? 

“Science,” Richard Feynman famously declared, “is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” Right? But not in government! In our society, under the auspices of our national government, “experts” without qualifications—but with votes—have been destroying capital, freedom, and intellectual integrity for fifty years, at least. Patrick Wood claims this has been part of the make-up of globalist ideology since the days of Saint-Simon in the 1840s. It has been an integral part of our own native tradition since the importation of Prussian educational methods in that decade, and the wholesale importation of Hegelian pseudo-science (i.e., Progressive “social science”) in the generation of Woodrow Wilson and his cohort. 

Yost claims that we have won a massive victory against this vaporous force. I beg to differ. We did not smash them. At all. We have merely forestalled the next move from either party.

For some inscrutable reason—which is becoming less relevant with each passing hour—the Trump administration is powerless to prosecute criminal use of our political system.

Fraud, malfeasance, maladministration, inertia, and broken oaths that all should have created a massive blast crater in the proverbial swamp by the summer of 2017 were never addressed. We have a festering boil of poisonous, if not lethal, criminality running rampant in our executive and legislative branches.

All of this has been left untouched. The very notion that James Comey has a book out, is on the lecture circuit, and appears on television is an abomination. He should be 40 months into his incarceration by now.  

No, the only thing that was trounced was public confidence: In government; In medicine; In elections. 

It is time to restore ANALOG ACCURACY to our electoral processes: (1) physical proof of identity prior to receipt of one and only one ballot;  a ballot which will not be counted unless in the system by the close of election day—not a day earlier or an hour later; and (2) certified paper ballots that can be hand-counted in the event of a mechanical failure. There can be no possible way that the input total and the output total deviate by even one single vote.

I am convinced that this is the explanation for having dozens of Democrat governors flocking together in idiotic, destructive public policies designed to destroy morale, capital, and commerce—to say nothing of causing several times the cost in human life that was posed by the virus. No, there is a plan and it was very definitely NOT defeated.

So while I disagree with Yost here, the terms of the discussion are useful. The real thing to consider is that the Progressive “movement” was always a ruse for the movement of capital and the morphing of law beneath the veneer of “moral public consensus.” 

The technocracy shift is simply playing the Progressive ruse on another level or two with identical deceptions. Who could possibly be against a clean planet? If you do not do what “science” (our paid-for studies) dictates, not only are you a bad person, but we now have the infrastructure to economically ostracize you. Express a pro-2A opinion? Guess what, that “violates the community standards” of your bank and your assets have been erased, and you consented to it in the fine print.

This is what we have to look forward to: its a combination of #oldschool Marxist, post-theological pseudo-morality and #newskool pseudo-science designed to make you feel good about your fake morality so you really do not have to give it any thought. 

At bottom, isn’t this exactly what we have been seeing for generations on the left? They have the dopamine rush of “consciousness raising” and are sealed off from any further “evidence”—which appears to produce rage and violence in lefties. Their cognitive dissonance is off the charts. 

They are cowards, they are lazy, they are emotionally incontinent, and they are stupid. That is, they’re just like your teenager. Only this temporary phase has been extended into a season of life, and possibly an entire career. This is where the phenomenon of an ideology resembling a cult gets serious, because people who are sealed off from opposing facts have no business calling the shots, financially or politically—in a family, a village, a state or a country. Only now, we have scores of millions of emotionally compromised, weak, and dumbed-down morons demanding easy, “scientific” answers. And technocracy is their answer, there is no embarrassing party label. There is no personality attached. It is easy to swallow whole, because it is as neat and tidy as a lab coat and as destructive as an industrial woodchipper.

With this scenario, nobody wins.

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