The Great Migration 2.0

No thanks, FOX. We’re tired of Koolaid. 

A Massive Exodus From Old/Social Media has begun. The Narrative must die! 

Since this morning my phone has been lighting up every few seconds with new friend activity on MeWe and Parler. It reminds me of the early dopamine highs of the Wild West days of social media, when Facebook was new, and connections were fast, innocent, and exciting.

It makes me think that we may be witnessing the 21st-century version of #thegreatmigration. As entrepreneurial news media are busy self-assembling to adjust to new market and political realities, most people with a brain are heading to the exit of those shops where the only product available is The Narrative.

In other words, the existing cognitive infrastructure of The Narrative is falling apart in chunks for anyone who cares to look.

To be clear: the astonishing, overweening censorship conservatives have experienced during this election season, on Facebook and Twitter, is literally sending millions of people who have built communities and spent time and effort on these platforms over years, running for the exits.

With FB and Twitter’s brazen censorship, who really has the bandwidth to second-guess anymore? The safe position is to assume that all “slick media” is corrupt, and with the FOX viewership tanking by the hour, it’s also safe to say that we are seeing tectonic shifts in the media markets as a consequence of manifestly corrupt political machinery revealing itself! 

Luckily there are a lot of newish conservative media ready to step up. Viewership is rising rapidly at OneAmerica and Newsmax. Readership at is up exponentially.  More will fill the breach. 

Those of us who reject the liberal, globalist, Democratic Party zeitgeist, and its desire to control our thinking, are driving this “media reorganization.” But while it takes place the illusion of swiftness—perhaps an attribute of digital efficiency—it is just that, an illusion. I pray that we are on finally on the fulcrum of a generational change. But such things take time.

The flashes on the iPhone screen are like the second hands on a clock; meaningful change is imperceptible. There is no precise second when we go from day to night. But time is speeding up, just now.

What I find most interesting is that the forces that have decided to function as relay-stations for The Narrative (i.e., Biden has already won, or that he represents a Restoration of Order) have revealed themselves to be charlatans who honestly think we don’t know any better. We have a process and a system for elections, and for accusations of fraud, small or massive. But they can’t afford for us to attend to these piddling details of our civic life. Fox’s Neil Cavuto’s cutting away from a White House presser because they don’t want to promote the Anti-Narrative—this ought to be strike three for anyone who is mature enough to decide what’s proper news media information provision, in the context of our national life. There is no reason to return to FOX—even for the weather. They have wounded themselves, in pursuit of whatever they aspire to these days,  and will have to split the remaining market with competitors who loathe them on a cellular level. “Good night, and good luck!”

But know that “They” have been at this, quietly, for generations. Edward Bernays—Freud’s nephew—cooked up “the war to end all wars” for Wilson and then went on to sell cigarettes, bacon, and more war for Ike. He lived to enjoy a segment on Letterman in the 1980s. He was a true believer in the Therapeutic State, there to guide the citizenry to whatever makes life richer and easier for our masters.  

None of this is new to the 2020 election, or the brutal past four years, or the eight years of forcing citizens to accept The Narrative under Obama. 

The Narrative has been with us for over a century of rising “Progressive”dominance in our politics and culture. It gets trimmed to incorporate new names into the  storyline. Ignoring the origins means being unable to grasp the plot, so over time I will provide a close history here at 

Just know that The Narrative has justified taking half of everything our grandparents earned, half of everything our parents earned, and half of everything we earn. 

And what did we get? Billions directed to insurrectionist tools of the ruling class, like Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. And don’t forget the monetary policy hustle that used to be the crown jewel of civic morality: our 2020 US Dollar buys about 2% of what it did in 1912.

While I’m happy to see the tectonic media and social media shifts underway, let’s not forget that it’s going to take more than cratering market share to slough off The Narrative. But it’s a start.

Now’s the time to unplug the legacy media in a big way—return the cable box and de-fund WokeNooze™, WokeWeather™, WokeSportz™, WokeLaughs™, and WokeAds™.

Paying the monthly fee just supports the money machine that keeps The Narrative buzzing in the idiot box and everywhere else. And maybe giving up the dopamine rush that Facebook provides will help us reclaim real life. 

See you on MeWe and Parler. 

2 thoughts on “The Great Migration 2.0”

  1. A shift in the narrative is part of it, but I see it as part of a prelude to possible secession. The left keeps excluding us, or making participation difficult, in institution after institution. In the end, to enjoy full participation in society, we need to create a parallel series of institutions. While these institutions are open to all, their main attraction is that conservatives enjoy equal rights there. It may start with MeWe and Parler — but more are coming. We have DuckDuckGo as a search engine. There is already an alternative to Youtube — Rumble. We will need separate publishing and book distribution platforms, separate fundraising platforms, separate schools and universities, separate banking systems. At the point in which we are all living our lives through separate institutions and our paths seldom cross, secession starts to look inevitable.

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