Smashing the Social Contract

Current Democrat political actions are shattering our “social contract.” This concept, developed by enlightenment philosophers, strongly influenced America’s founders when establishing our republican government.  One of those philosophers, John Locke, an author popular with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton, among others, theorized that in a state of nature each man lives in perfect freedom under natural law, enjoying the right to life and property,  If another person violates those rights they create a state of war, because the offended party has the right to kill the offender in order to protect his own life and goods. To prevent living in a state of war, men create a social contract and establish government to exercise the power of good judgment over others so that they do not have to live in a state of war.

Democrats’ arguments for defunding or “reimagining” the police will demolish the social contract.  They have suggested replacing police with social workers, but such individuals lack the ability to arrest law breakers and  bring them to judgment, leaving victims without redress, and criminals on the streets. “Bail reform” laws that put criminals back on the street immediately, destroy the contract too. Progressives have proposed “reimagining” the police, allowing localities to create their own systems of law enforcement.  We already have such localities, of course; they’re called cities and towns, and it’s precisely those law enforcement bodies they propose to abolish.  Anything more local ends up being run by those with the greatest power, such as the Latin Kings gang, the Crips and the Bloods, or the bullies of Portand’s CHAZ/CHOP.  Such “law enforcement” ends up being self-appointed muscle.  The social contract is meant to prevent precisely such arrangements.

Locke believed that the state of nature was generally happy, governed by man’s natural morality.  Another enlightenment thinker, Thomas Hobbes, however, described life in a state of nature as “nasty, brutish, and short.”  Democrats have proven Hobbes right.  In Minneapolis, where police are now undermanned and cowed, homicides are up 95 percent over the same period last year.  In Chicago, they are up 51 percent, in Atlanta, 31 percent.  

The destruction of the police is a solution in search of a problem.  Under our longstanding, American social contract victims pursue justice through the courts.  When police themselves become the offenders, they face review boards and courts at the local and federal level.  If these bodies fail to deliver justice, then voters can replace the members of these groups with those who will.  In the progressive version of justice, however, the mob, without seeing and hearing all the evidence and without time to reflect, decides the verdict and demands its execution.  Just as in the state of nature, people have taken their right to justice back from the courts and the angriest man with a Molotov cocktail now decides the issue.

The very notion of a social contract is based on the reality of community: a group of people who live together and are committed to each other’s welfare.  Democrats are battering away at that as well.  America is our community, and they have been deconstructing our country, piece by piece.  The destruction, defacement, and removal of our historical monuments erases our history, and the 1619 project replaces it with falsehoods.  The growing trend of kneeling during the national anthem strikes at their very notion of the United States as a body that unites us all in a compact of mutual support.  The anthem, and our flag with its 50 stars, represent all of us; “E pluribus unum,” one out of many.  The Democrat passion for dividing the country into competing interest groups by race, ethnicity, and religion further frays the national fabric.  We fought a long and bloody war to create a nation out of a clutch of fractious states, and the Democrats, the people who gave us that same war, are still tearing us apart.

What replaces the social contract?  Lenin’s political philosophy was best summed up in the phrase “kto kog?,” best understood as ‘who beat whom.’  This is what we are left with when we abandon the social contract.  In a republic, the social contract is administered by the people through elections, but Democrats are increasingly reluctant to abide by the results of the electoral process.  They have spent the last four years “resisting” the duly elected president, to the point of impeaching him with no evidence of wrongdoing.  They promise to abolish the Electoral College if elected, the mechanism that exists in part to prevent the dictatorship of the majority represented by the popular vote. Increasingly shameless efforts to promote election fraud through extended voting deadlines, the elimination of voter ID laws, and the use of ballot harvesting and mail-in voting show that their enthusiasm for the popular vote is, itself, a farce.  Despite its name,  Democrat Party leaders seem interested in imposing their will on the people.  According to Locke, a state of nature, without a social contract, in which an individual violates the laws of morality and the rights of others, becomes a state of war.  Is that where they wish to take us?

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