President Trump! Because he is the most Honest President since George Washington

The Democratic line on Donald Trump is that he is a liar. But when it comes to his relationship with the electorate, Donald Trump has always told the truth about his positions on everything substantive and important.

President Trump is a salesman. While he is quick to boast, personally, and to engage in hyperbole, that is part of the art of selling. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey eloquently explained this during the hearings this week. When asked why Twitter does not censor Iran’s threats of destruction and genocide of Israel, he responded that the tweets were just “saber rattling”.
President Trump rattles his saber a lot. Sometimes that is enough, in politics.

Consider how consistent he has been on major policies, since he entered office. He promised, and has delivered (with almost zero help from Democrats) :

1- Lower taxes — particularly corporate taxes.
2- Fewer regulations — the silent killer poison of our economy.
3- Trade reciprocity — one on one deals, rather than multilateral mush.
4- Resurgent U.S. manufacturing — he found the magic wand Obama lost.
5- Military reconstruction — rebuilding a hollowed out force.
6- Middle East peace — replacing old, unworkable tropes with a new model.
7- Ending the Iran “deal” — stopping a policy that funded Iranian proxy wars and terror across the region.
8- Non-activist judges — appointing a raft of judges who will not legislate.
9- Veterans Administration clean up — serving Veterans, not the bureaucrats who run the place.
10- Energy independence — Unleashing production, bringing down prices.
And on and on and on.

President Trump told us what he was going to do before he got into office. That is exactly what he proceeded to do. And what he did works. Our nation is richer, safer, more secure, and in a better position to flourish going forward.

What more could you want in a President? How much more honest could he be?

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