New Marvel Superhero– Bad, Bad Orange Man!

Imagine a plot line in Marvel Comics where a couple mega-billionaires who made their money with computer software became so powerful they were even able to prevent the President of the United States from communicating with the American people.

I suppose these computer billionaires would be drawn as exaggerated caricatures of supervillains. One would look like, say, a bizarre android with rapidly blinking eyes and a very bad bowl haircut. The other would look like a latter-day Rasputin, with hollowed-out eyes and a scraggly beard. Flashback sequences would show them looking fairly normal and acting human…Those would be flashbacks to before The Event — the weird, supernatural/extraterrestrial/chemical leak encounter that changed them from normal, benevolent,  nerdy computer scientists into members of the Forum of Doom.

Of course, the Forum of Doom would meet high up in Switzerland at a posh resort town. And its leader would be an old man with a permanent scowl bent on domination of the world’s financial markets and central banks. His backstory would include helping his sinister uncle betray his own countrymen to the Nazis and then looting their homes.

I might include a couple of craven politicians in the mix, two. Tools of the supervillains. One would be a woman whose face was frozen from too much Botox (and her brain, too, hence her sinister nature) and the other would be a mutant turtle.

Oh. And Iranians and Chinese Maoists. Because, well, they belong in the Forum of Doom too.

Their latest scheme to grab power would involve causing damage and disruption and then trying to blame the superhero that fought them (Orange Man even sounds like a superhero name). Then they  turn every legal mechanism at their disposal against him while hypnotized news readers prevented him from showing the world what had actually occurred while they joined in on the ritual denunciation.

Oh—and there would totally be a cameo by Stan Lee.


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