Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me —

The rioting at the Capitol building on 6 January has cost the conservative movement dearly.  It has provided the Left with the narrative they wanted, a story of violent, dangerous thugs who present a threat to the American values that those on the Left suddenly hold dear.  It has given them an excuse to target Donald Trump and his supporters, to silence conservative voices, and to make participation in conservative political rallies a firing offense.  Additional violence will allow them to expand the crackdown.

Let’s be perfectly honest: some on the right helped set this up.  They inflamed passions by engaging in careless talk about going to Washington and fighting for our rights, etc.  It’s hard to know exactly what was said because the Tech Lords quickly stripped it from the web and then assured us it was there.  The irresponsible organizer of the protest, Ali Alexander, also stirred up passions with wild rhetoric.  Interviews with participants, show that there were plenty of MAGA supporters among those who invaded the Capitol and were arrested.

Let’s be honest about something else: we got rick-rolled.  Michael Yon’s reporting on the riot makes it clear that Antifa sent its goons there to encourage and orchestrate a violent attack on the Capitol, and they suckered our people in.  Many of us have no doubt already noticed that, despite the Trump and Gadsen flags, there were plenty of people in the crowd dressed in black, with shields and paramilitary equipment.  The savage assault on the line of police was not carried out by overexcited accountants and bus drivers – it was launched by angry, ruthless people with considerable experience in hurting others.  Antifa provocateurs instigated the invasion, shouted encouragement, and waved people into the building.  And patriots fell for it.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  We need to be smarter going forward.  No more wild, passionate talk about fighting for our rights like the first patriots.  The age of the minute man winning a battle with his musket is over.  We are well into the era of the neutron bomb and all-seeing surveillance.  They control law-enforcement and the military.  We aren’t going to win anything with an army of superannuated duck hunters charging the state capitol.  Every crazy call to “fight!” is ammunition for the Left.  Don’t give them anything.

We need to organize more intelligently.  Becareful about who is organizing events. Organizers need to hand out flyers warning participants to beware of agent provocateurs, and follow up with a verbal reminder at the beginning of proceedings.  Seed reliable people through the crowd with bullhorns to provide direction when infiltrators try to steer them into danger.  Everyone should be prepared to remind fellow participants of the rules.

Peaceful protest is our strength and our modus operandi.  Foul-mouthed, violent attacks on the police comes from our opponents’ bag of tricks.  Since the beginning of the Tea Party movement, conservatives have gathered in polite crowds that obeyed the law, expelled infiltrators who tried to discredit the group, and then left the place cleaner than they found it.  In ancient Rome, popular opinion painted Christians as drunken lechers who practiced cannibalism during their secret orgies.  When ordinary Romans saw them die peacefully in the arena, however, they came to realize that they had been wrong. There has been no better advertisement for our cause than the contrast between the fiery destruction wrought by BLM and Antifa this year and the peaceful exuberance of the MAGA rallies.

Happy is part of our mojo, too.  We still tell jokes, enjoy literature, and celebrate our culture while joyless, angry Leftists comb the web for people to cancel.  We need to avoid falling into the trap of wasting our energies tackling those on our side who have disappointed us.  We need to ignore the small differences within our ranks and focus on saving our country.  We need to keep our chins up and never forget that family, friends, and faith are the most important things in our lives.

Most important, we need to remember that peace is our vision for America.  We’re the party of families living in safe neighborhoods, protected by their local beat cop.  The party of PTAs, church socials, rodeos, the VFW, and bingo halls.  The party of barbeques, long courtships, and summer nights sitting on the front porch, watching the fire flies.  The party of Little League, the Girl Scouts, and big weddings with lots of ruffles and rice.  Never forget that that’s who we are, and what we are trying to preserve.  Hold it close in your heart.





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