Dictatorship, American Style

Many on the right are currently panicking over the thought of a Democrat victory in the fall, given the party’s recent hard left turn.  Rod Dreher, for example, frequently warns of the likelihood of authoritarianism coming soon to America.  They point out the similarities of today’s politics climate to that of Weimer Germany or Russian in 1917.  The model we may need to fear more, however, may be closer to home, in Mexico.

In Mexico, leftist president López Obrador’s policy of “hugs, not bullets” has resulted in a historic high in murders last year.  After arresting the son of Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán, former head of the notorious Sinaloa cartel, in October 2019, the government quickly released him after a flurry of violence took place in protest.  The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, now Mexico’s most powerful drug gang, has grown in strength and boldness.  The previous government of President Felipe Calderón, while waging a bloody war on drug cartels, was itself wracked with corruption and penetrated by the drug traffickers.

Violence in Democrat-run cities, as in Mexico, is on the rise.  In Minneapolis, where the death of George Floyd sparked riots in May of this year, murders have increased by 109 percent. Portland has seen violence nightly since then, with looting, arson, and attacks on police and passersby.  Seattle has been little better.  Murders are up 20 percent in Chicago, and up 25 percent in New York.

The Democrat governments in these cities have aided and abetted the violence by reducing police protection. In Seattle, police were order to stand by while radical residents set up an autonomous zone in the city.  Seattle has also made substantial cuts to its police budget, reducing the number of officers in an already understaffed department.  Portland, too, has cut the budget for armed police officers, and its force is undermanned. The Minneapolis city council promised to defund its police, then backtracked as violence soared, but many police officers are already in the process of leaving. New York has already decided to reduce police funding by $1 billion.  Austin, Texas had reduced police funding by one-third.

The Democrat Party has a record of assisting criminals.  I have already written about how the party in Virginia has provided ex-felons with voting rights and easy expungement of criminal records.  George Soros has funded the election of public prosecutors around the country, including in St. Louis, San Francisco, New York, and the Washington DC suburbs who have promised to eliminate cash bail and reduce the prosecution of minor crimes.  LFFC’s Gouverneur Morris has detailed the Democrat Party’s ties to street gangs.

Indeed, the Democrat Party’s history of criminal associations and corruption predate its current radical flirtations.  From Tammany Hall in the 19th century to Richard Daley of the 20th, the party has a long  history of corruption.  Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich details the Clinton couple’s public corruption, and despite his public denials, and claims it’s all been dismissed, former V.P. Joe Biden used his public influence to help his son Hunter and brother James grow wealthy through shady deals with problematic countries like China and Ukraine.

Conservatives have been worrying about self-professed socialist like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and their radical admirers in Antifa and BLM, but perhaps we should be more worried about the professional criminals.  The Bolsheviks were not career criminals; the crimes they commited were to further the revolution, and they certainly never defunded the police.  The Nazis were obsessed with law and order, clearing the streets of vagabonds, drunks, prostitutes, and beggars.  Both believed in a state monopoly on violence.  The ranks of the Bolsheviks were filled with intellectuals and students: Stalin had formerly attended Seminary. Hitler was a frustrated artist, and many of his followers were petit-bourgeois malcontents.  The ranks of Antifa and BLM, in contrast, are populated with many convicted criminals.  When Kyle Rittenhouse shot at the rioters in Kenosha whom he believed were threatening his life, the three men he killed and injured all turned out to have records for violent crime, including child rape. (Though it’s also clear that some Antifans are dilettantes with wealthy parents and degrees in gender studies.)

Socialists no doubt believe that they are using the criminal class to tear down the system so that it can be rebuilt in a more equitable fashion.  Criminals, if they have any vision at all, likely hoping for a world in which “the man” no longer harshes their felonious buzz.  What would this brave new world actually look like?  A well-ordered, authoritarian society in which uniformity of thought and action are strictly maintained?  Or a feral, Mad Max world in which gangs operate with impunity and the political elites focus on amassing wealth and maintaining their privileges?  Sort of like Mexico…or New York.

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