Choose Greatness, or You Kill the Republic

In 2015 and through most of 2016, Ted Cruz was my guy. But from the day Trump announced I kept watching several of my Facebook friend’s timelines. They weren’t political geniuses, they were regular people and I saw that Trump was lighting a fire no one else dared to. They were posting shaky videos of Trump rallies before it was a thing, and his unapologetic broadsides aimed at the political establishment were getting thunderous applause.  I knew something was happening. 

Most of my GOP establishment friends mocked and disparaged him and his early supporters. In fact they mostly continued the mockery right up through the election. They refused to see the obvious because they were much savvier and, of course, professional political geniuses.

We all saw what happened on Election Day 2016.  The Democrat and Deep State machine did as well. They’d dealt with this type of desperate emotional explosion by voters before, so they set out to make sure it never happened again, and began a series of massively intertwined coup attempts.

Dems and Deep Staters saw a last dying gasp from Minnesotans when they elected Jesse Ventura. And the entire state uniparty set a successful course to vanquish him.

They saw a Hail Mary voter tantrum when California elected Arnold Schwarzenegger, and set a course to reduce him to a micro version of his persona.

Trump would receive the same fate and be yet another laughable footnote in history. After all he was a boorish, brash, braggart who was just a reality TV star.

Except — he wasn’t. Tabloid appearances to the contrary, Trump had been a big thinker for decades. He was a magnanimous fighter for himself and others, who had had to win battles with politicians and business adversaries his entire life.

Ventura and Schwarzenegger never faced the fire or complexity of the enemies Trump did. They were celebrities based on scripts that others had written. Trump wrote his own and a big part of it was doing the unthinkable and beating the unbeatable.

We now sit precariously on the edge of a new historical chapter that is just now being written. A chapter that will define the course of our nation and of the world for decades to come. And it all depends on Tuesday.

As it happens, Trump had thought about issues and policies for many years. And though I really didn’t even take him seriously in 2015, his list of accomplishments are what has made him a force of nature – one that might finally kill off the murderous machine which always tries to destroy the ‘real’ champions of the downtrodden and disenfranchised.

He gave us the greatest economy in American history; the lowest unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics in American history; lowest unemployment for women in fifty years; three Nobel Peace Prize nominations; saved coral reefs, restored National Parks; achieved energy independence and global dominance; cracked down on child trafficking; made new trade deals for farmers; built Opportunity Zones in the inner cities; enacted prison reform; destroyed ISIS; did not start any new wars; reformed the VA; provided massive tax cuts that resulted in the largest wage gains for lower earners in decades; and created incentives for companies like Apple to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.. Contrary to Democrat propaganda, Trump quickly reacted to Covid-19, getting vaccine makers and the healthcare industry moving only one week after China finally admitted it was contagious, back in January.  Democrat politicians mocked his quick actions and encouraged people to ignore him. They claim he did nothing at all. And now, on the doorstep of the 2020 election, we’ve seen a record-setting economic resurgence as our country fights for greatness yet again.

All this and more from someone the press and political class denigrated relentlessly leading up to the 2016 election. These triumphs from a man against whom they committed the highest crimes, in an attempt to destroy him and the regular working class Americans who had elected him.

Tuesday will likely bring a death knell, either for the Republic, or for those who have held it hostage and used it for their own enrichment. It really is down to this: choose greatness for America — or choose perpetual mob violence and untouchable corruption.

Regardless of whether or not one likes his tweets or showmanship, Trump’s efforts to restore governance to the people of our nation, and away from grasping elites, place him in the league of our Founders, who created this spectacularly successful experiment we call the United States of America. That is to say nothing of his concrete achievements.

I hope that the herd mentality that has created this fortuitous tipping point will again tip in America’s favor — giving way to a seismic shift among the rest of the citizens, and a new era of Constitutional governance for all.

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