About Us

We are a group of likeminded friends, in disparate places across our continent, who are here to join battle with the forces leading our nation into socialism and darkness. We value our liberties and our heritage as free Americans. We are conservatives, and classic liberals. We are rural and urban; Christians and Jews. Most of us are parents. We are old enough to have had some experience at politics, war, commerce, the professions, and at life itself.

Like those of you whom we hope will join us here, we understand the precarious nature of our American liberties, and, indeed, identity, which have been under siege by the domestic American left and hard left, often with aid from outside, for most of the past century. This moment, two months out from the 2020 election, is as precarious a time as our nation has ever faced. It is going to get worse before it gets better.

We are here to discuss saving America. That begins with analyzing political ideas, desirable outcomes, and the actions of the governing classes. Because the Democratic party appears ready to reject a victory by the Republican candidate, we will think through the implications of possible outcomes. To be clear, we expect armed conflict: some sort of civil war. We do not desire it. But if it is coming, it is important that Americans know what is happening, and what our real world options and obligations will be.

This is a critical conversation which it is not possible to have openly in the media. Because we wish to speak freely, we are using pseudonyms. We take comfort in the fact that many of the founders of this great nation did the same when they set out to persuade the people of the British colonies what should and should not be tolerated.  We’ve borrowed a few of their monikers. We hope you will comment freely and engage with us.

N.B. Letters From Flyover Country (To the Citizens of the United States of America), is our homage to John Dickinson, the lawyer who wrote Letters from a Pennsylvania Farmer to the People of the British Colonies, in 1767-68, several years before the the American Revolution began.  Mr. Dickinson was a fierce advocate of liberty. He deplored taxation without representation, which, he thought, turned citizens into slaves. And yet he was a slave owner when he made his case. Shortly after the Revolution he freed his slaves. Human beings are complicated, and progress comes in fits and starts. And, it turns out, it is all too easy to reverse that progress and lose hard won liberties.






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