A Fraudulent Election Leads to Tyranny


I have a suspicion.

My suspicion is that there is no one who doesn’t suspect some level of fraud in this election.

If that’s true, then the people denying fraud are not “mistaken”. They’re pretending to believe something they don’t – which means, they are lying (and lying in support of a lie: the original fraud itself).

And so, I suspect the real question here isn’t whether there was fraud, even though that’s how it’s being framed. Everyone knows that answer.

The real question is:

What does it mean that half the country assents to a leader gaining power through fraud?

The answer is:

1.) It means the basic requirements for representative democracy no longer exist, which in turn means…

2.) The country is destined for tyranny (even if maintained by the illusion of democracy, as in Venezuela), if the tyranny is not already operational, which in turn means…

3.) Even though the name of the country has remained the same, the country itself has fundamentally transformed into a different country altogether, which in turn means…

4.) That those who oppose tyranny, and wish to live under representative democracy, must either:

(A) learn to live under the new tyranny; or

(B) attempt to overthrow it via war and/or secession; or
(C) emigrate to a place which, if not ideal, at least isn’t a tyranny, and enables a better quality of life.
Many folks say they would choose (B), but that’s a difficult option. Participants would risk death, maiming, imprisonment, or general ruin in any uprising.

Besides, a serious fight would require a huge amount of planning, logistics, arms, manpower, secure communication, etc. Where does that come from?

Successful wars and secession movements aren’t simple to prosecute. And it’s difficult to envision a citizen’s army defeating the massive powers of the state, including the military, without huge segments of that state/military defecting to the rebel side. But what, really, are the odds of that?

“C” is also hard, because, although domestic leftists don’t know it, the only countries sensible people would ever want to emigrate to maintain immigration laws far more restrictive than America’s. It is possible to emigrate, yes – just not the cakewalk many imagine. (But yes, still easier than coordinating a successful revolution).

That leaves “A.” And when this all dies down…that is what most people will choose, even as the tyrannical dysfunction grows worse and worse.

That’s a sad ending for free and mighty Republic that, until now, has been the envy of the world, but how, realistically, could a coup like this provide a happy ending?

I’d like to hear ideas.

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